About Us

FED Insurance Brokers Limited is an Insurance broking and risk management – consulting firm located at Maktaba Square 2nd Floor along Maktaba Street, and is in business to help individual and commercial customers determine which of their risks require financial protection, and provide assistance which is above and beyond their expectations in the event of financial, physical or personal loss. We do business on a person to person basis; this helps deliver a high level of service, customize our products to our customers’ needs, and respond faster in the event of a claim.
Our Mission is to provide our customers with excellence in consultation, competitively priced quality insurance products and service those products beyond their expectations.
To be the most professional insurance brokerage in Tanzania by consistently providing responsive, reliable, affordable services and always acting with highest level of integrity
We are committed to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers by providing them with high quality insurance products and service those products to their satisfaction.
We are committed to providing cost effective solutions and ongoing support to all our customers through our high experienced team of advisers and support staff.
Innovation and Technology:
We are always looking for ways to improve the services we offer with ongoing support and guidance which is tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.
To maintain a professional service to all our customers, we are not only capable of suggesting the best suited insurance policy for you but we are also very honest and ethically responsible.
1. Concept
The provision of risk and insurance management and advisory services with a personal touch.
We differentiate ourselves from other brokers by committing dedicated personal attention to our Principles to each client
2. Partnership
A positive intuition tells Customers that they made the right choice when they decided to do business with us. Our client is paramount. We perform with an attitude of partnership, always acting on their behalf as a professional extension of their own internal capability
3. Objective
The provision of creative solutions for risk financing, insurance issues and problems supported by a high standard of excellence and professional services
4. Role
To understand our client’s business. As risk Advisors or Managers, to assist them to manage their physical and financial risks at the most advantageous terms, while fully taking to account their needs and financial capability to accept risk.
5. Strategy
To function in partnership with clients. To be appreciated as more than just service providers.
To be recognized and trusted as an extension of clients’ business; as their risk and insurance office.
6. Adding Value
Our primary role is that of risk managers – to add value in the capacity. We do not profess to have the internal skills to provide all the peripheral service that may be needed, nor do we believe we should. We see our role best suited to manage the risk and insurance affairs of clients by identifying and seeking out those services from the best available, if and when they are needed.
7. Insurance Claims
Insurance represents a promise to pay. We actively work with our clients, minimizing their stress by managing their entire claim process. We advise as to necessary actions, prepare and collate required documentation, ensuring smooth settlement of the claim.